Aruba Carnival Schedule 2017

Tonight the Aruba Carnival Organizer’s (SMAC) is organizing the Torch Parade or locally known as Fakkel Op Tocht [Torch on Tour.] Aruba Carnival Schedule 2017. The first official parade of Carnaval 63 is ready to light up the island.

This is the first official parade and is expected to have at least 7 groups with a total of 7.000 participants. Imagine, when this event started the participants were jumping around with a torch in their hands. But as participation increased and the parade got longer it became too dangerous to continue doing this. However the name of Torch Parade was kept. The participants will illustrate their creativity with T-Shirts and bright and colorful lights. The night lights will start at 8pm sharp, beginning at the roundabout near Wendys and making its way down LG. Smith Boulevard to Banco di Caribe on Vondellaan.




63rd Carnival Celebration Calendar

January 7

Aruba’s Torch Parade

Bright lights lead the way down the streets of Oranjestad. The parade begins at 8 p.m. and sets the pace for the festivities to come.

February 4

Children’s Carnival Parade in Noord

The district of Noord demonstrates its Carnival spirit with the presentation of its own children’s parade. This event starts at 1 p.m.

February 12

Children’s Grand Carnival Parade in Oranjestad

Hundreds of children enjoy the opportunity to show off their dancing skills and colorful costumes. Held in downtown Oranjestad, the event begins at 1 pm.

February 18

Jouvert Morning

Popularly known as the “pajama party,” thousands of people gather in San Nicolas to follow the various live-music caravans down the city streets. This exciting jump-up begins at 4 am and continues until sunrise.

February 18

Aruba’s Lighting Parade

Thousands of tiny lights are incorporated into costumes, road pieces, and floats, Held in downtown Oranjestad, the parade begins at 8 pm.

February 19

Children’s Carnival Parade in San Nicolas

Aruba’s youngest Carnival enthusiasts’ parade down the streets of San Nicolas dressed in colorful costumes. The parade starts at noon in downtown San Nicolas.

February 24

San Nicolas Lighting Parade

The San Nicolas Lighting Parade is no less jubilant in its presentation of dance, music, and Carnival spirit. The parade starts at 8 p.m.

February 25

San Nicolas Grand Carnival Parade

Local musicians create an exceptional ambiance in San Nicolas by playing their latest Carnival hits to the delight of hundreds of marchers dressed in resplendent costumes, accompanied by beautifully decorated floats. The parade starts at noon.

February 26

Aruba’s 63rd Grand Carnival Parade

The largest Carnival parade is the Grand Parade through Oranjestad, held on the Sunday before Ash Wednesday. This parade is filled with unforgettable music, spectacular floats, and fabulous costumes, creating a unique display. This event starts at 10 am in Oranjestad and continues into the early evening hours.

February 26
Burning of King Momo & Closing of Aruba’s 63rd Carnival

Carnival 63 comes to an official end with the burning of “King Momo.” The event is held at 8 pm at Oranjestad Harbor Arena.

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