Aruba Officially Opens Carnival Season With the Torch Parade!

At 8 pm, the Flambeu (Torch) Parade began at L.G. Smith Boulevard, marking the start of the 63rd Carnival season in Aruba. Fans of this event were presented at the venue to massive support their favorite carnival groups, these carnival groups performed at the parades with their musical group. The stop started with a Brass-band with a total of 5 flambeu. Aruba Officially Opens Carnival Season With the Torch Parade!

fakkel-3-arubatripadvisorIn this parade could be observed a participation of more than 7 thousand people in the parade, each group presented itself with his shirt full of color and the theme of the grouping, hundreds of people enjoyed the music of each group with their respective drinks in hand. Aruba Officially Opens Carnival Season With the Torch Parade!

fakkel-4-arubatripadvisorThe Parade came on time and well directed, all people liked the first group los laga bay who is celebrating 35 years of existence with Robert y su solo banda show. Los laga bay once more dominated the Parade with its colorful and its music. The second group Dushi Carnival Group with the band Massive music. Also, queens were introduced to demonstrate that this year will be with everything. Also present the champaign group with his band Tsunami. Another participant group was the LLB Carnival Group with its musical band BMW. Aruba Officially Opens Carnival Season With the Torch Parade!

fakkel-5-arubatripadvisorDuring the whole tour of the parade all the spectators were able to enjoy a carnival together with their families and friends, passing an innovative moment. Each group was presented with a lot of color.

fakkel-10-arubatripadvisorEvery year this carnival grows in an expectacular way, this is one of the biggest attractions that presents the island to its tourist, in this PARADE you can observe a great amount of tourist that impressively enjoyed this unforgettable carnival, we invite you to participate And enjoy our carnival. Come to Aruba ONE HAPPY ISLAND!


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