Children’s Carnival Parade Noord

Children’s Carnival Parade Noord

Children’s Carnival Parade Noord On the Bubali road. A lot of children in beautiful costumes with many colours.

January 23, 2016

1. Noord cu reina di Noord

2. Deja kids

3. Little groovers

4. Champagne kids

5. Nos futuro/jolly kids


Children’s Carnival Parade Noord This is the parade 51 in noord and it has the participation of:

New Generation Steelband

Group of Centro di Bario Noord cu e tema “Fantasia di Sombre”, hunto cu Grupo di Baile Candylicious y Group Special Olympics acompaña pa DJ Sandro;

Grupo Chiktin Bin Bin cu e tema “Pintor” y acompaña pa DJ Julio;

North Stars Steelband;

Rosea Cultural/Fofoti cu e tema “Brindis Cultural” acompaña pa DJ Aldrick;

Grupo The Little Stars cu e tema “Minions” acompaña pa DJ Aldrick;

Little dreamers cu e tema “Dream Car” acompaña pa DJ Jimmy Ridderstap;

Quality Brassband;

Biggy Boy;

y Last Lap Band B.M.W Band Aruba…

Children’s Carnival Parade Noord

SMAC ta encurasha un y tur pa sali for di cas pa disfruta di un diasabra yen di ambiente, fantasia y musica den Bario di Noord!

Children’s Carnival Parade Noord

The district of Noord demonstrates its carnival spirit with the presentation of its own children’s parade. Children representing elementary schools and social clubs participate in vibrant interpretations with different themes.

Children’s Carnival Parade Noord


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