Dive with lobsters safely

Dive with lobsters safely

Dive with lobsters safely. Arashi Beach. Get ready for the adventure of diving with lobsters in the deep sea, lobsters are somewhat slow and really nice to see. This is an experience that should never overlook leaves, so be prudent, prepared and enjoy the adrenaline. In the “hole” lobsters are a reef that has seen live life to the full and healthy coral. Except for marine cicadas, locusts do not live in sandy areas.

So be cautious and observe good holes.

It leads to two more people for this mission.

Dive with lobsters safely

Use a boat; You can use an inflatable boat in calm to moderate conditions. Sal mid-morning, well rested and on a clear, sunny day.

Avoid dusk, night and dawn.

For reasons of survival, the daylight hours are clearly insufficient.

Anchor the boat. Lobsters can be found in the waters of ten or more feet deep.

Most people should not go beyond 30 feet.

Launches an additional rope in the water. This string is for divers to have a sense of direction and it must be knotted at intervals represent depth.

Informs the lookout on your plans and make that monitors the water for sharks and diving time remain.

He talks about the depths to which labor, fastened with straps and weight belts glides calmly depth.

Strive to relax to avoid hyperventilation and soon remember the cold and darkness of the deep.

Descends slowly and check the depth of the rope knots. Search reefs with repeated visits of divers and find a lobster, an unsuspecting prey.

Over the entire 10 feet deep darkens, so although it is day, at least it takes a torch.

Be careful in how you use the flashlight to not have vision problems.

After a moment, your vision will adapt to the darkness of the deep.

Lobsters often partially be in a hole, therefore, beware of the fierce eels. Strangely eels and lobsters coexist.

Trident has a second purpose: to persuade the lobster to go to an open space.

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