Enjoy a Good Cigar

Enjoy a Good Cigar

Enjoy a Good Cigar. Lindan Cigars centrally located in Palm beach Aruba on the hotel high rise strip. Formerly known as Benlo cigars. Still operated by Dane family since 1999.

Lindan Cigars

Lindan Cigars located at palm beach on the high rise hotels strip. Formerly known as Benlo cigars. Still operate by the Dane Family sine 1999. Offering a wide variety of Cuban and non Cuban cigars. Cohiba Montecristo Romeo y Julieta Partagas and many more.

Enjoy a Good Cigar

We frequently get asked our opinion on the local Tabaco. Though we refrain from commenting on them, we do wish to share our own experiences with growing Tabaco here on Aruba.

A few years ago (2008) we did experiment with growing Tabaco. We tried different seeds from a major seed source in the states. We got a wide assortment. To create our own special blend. However we noticed the Aruba weather was very unforgiving to these different variations.

Aruba does have native Tabaco growing in the Cunucu here and there. The origins are debatable, some say it was brought over by native Indians from mainland south-America, others suggest it might have been brought in from Cuba in the late 50s. A lot of Arubians went to Cuba those days to work the sugarcane fields.
So it is here, You just need to know what to look for.
Coincidentally we found some plants our self in the Cunucu bordering our own farm.


We started working with the native plant. The picture is the result after eight months. (2009)

They require a lot of water. With the Arubian heat and humidity it needs water at least three times a day. The plant is also prone to pest. You must monitor it daily. As it to be used for human consumption any pest control must be organic.

Overall from seed to a full grown plant it took us about 8 months.

After this you still must take in account the drying and fermentation process which takes another 6-8 Months.

At the end, a decent size plant can only yield 20-30 panatela size cigars….

It is a long process to cultivate a tradition and perfection of a good Tabaco. Its an Art.

However we are going to try this once more. Our aim is not just to get a Tabaco, but a decent Arubian Tabaco.

The reality is that with limitations in land and rainfall in Aruba, producing large quantities of cigars is hard. It will be in small batches.

We will periodically post pictures of progress.

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