Explore the wild side of Aruba

Explore the wild side of Aruba

While visiting Aruba, you must take a day to explore the wild side of Aruba. This is a tour you cannot miss! You can take this tour by bus, in a jeep tour, a dune buggy or an ATV tour.


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It is advisable to explore the wild side of Aruba with a tour guide, to give directions and detailed information about the history of this beautiful scenery. Book your island tour from home using the activities in Aruba section on the Arubatripadvisor.com website. If you decide to take the tour on your own without a tour guide, check on the car rentals in Aruba section for jeep rentals.



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This tour usually starts at the California lighthouse and leads itself through the desert like landscape that follows. Feel the cool sea breeze blow through your hair as you experience the thrill of your vacation exploring the wild side of Aruba. Feel the salt of the ocean on your lips and hold on to your seat as you bump up and down the rocky road to the natural pool.




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In between the California lighthouse and the natural pool you will pass the Alto Vista chapel, a historic remnant of Aruba and the natural bridge that collapsed in 2005. This is a beautiful pit stop to buy some refreshments and take pictures of the rough ocean waves crashing into the rocks. Check also on our Restaurants in Aruba section for restaurant on that route or in the shopping in Aruba section for buying souvenirs, road maps, snacks or water bottles.


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If you are secretly planning a romantic get away by exploring the wild side of Aruba with your significant other, check the jewelry in Aruba section for gifts.

Continuing this off road adventure, you meet Aruba’s awesome rock formations: Ayo and Casibari, the different caves formed by nature itself and the famous Bushiribana Gold ruins of Aruba. Make sure you are well prepared prior going on the explore the wild side Aruba tour. We advise everyone to use a good brand of sun block, take along your bottle of water to refresh yourself on the way and a snack to keep you energized. Most guided tours have water, drinks and snacks included in the tour fee. This information is available at your hotel or when booking from home click into the hotels in Aruba link to choose the best hotels with the best service.

Exploring the wild side of Aruba you experience a sense of excitement, picturesque views, relaxing moments; a tour of lifetime!

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