Piazza Italia Konopizza

Piazza Italia  Konopizza

Piazza Italia  Konopizza. We offer more…..One place for Two new exclusive concepts: Appetizer Italiano and KonoPizza. Appetizer Italiano means that you get free snacks with your favorite drink.


Piazza Italia Konopizza

With Sciue’ Sciue’ and Piazza Italia my wife and I realized our dream of being able to own part of an Italian eatery familiar abroad and providing to the largest number of people here in Aruba, traditional dishes which do not need the “classical” Italian restaurant style or ambiance to be appreciated. In fact, our customers can enjoy our foods in a simple and convenient way without sacrificing quality, taste, and world-famous Italian tradition.

These are the characteristics which are perfectly connected with the lifestyle and the spirit of Aruba, an island with two opposite faces: international, modern, and dynamic on one side; wild, tropical, and pure on the other.

These are the chief reasons we decided to choose “one happy island” as the Caribbean location for our dream!

The basis of our work is the passion for our Mediterranean cuisine, our traditions, and the pleasure of offering to our patrons a healthy, delicious, and authentic traditional Italian foods.

We present our cuisine simply, as simple in actuality as the Italian cuisine!!!

Simple, dependable, and always mindful of authenticity in the preparation as well as the choice of ingredients, which are always of the highest quality.

We offer a healthy, genuine, and traditional Italian cuisine which we are certain you will find enjoyable at an affordable price.


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