Roots Palmera Caribbean Tour

Roots Palmera Caribbean Tour. The energetic band Roots Palmera is excited to announce their upcoming Caribbean tour. What started as a small project for the band in 2015 exploded in a warm heat wave of positive energy and a great amount of musical quality divided by 8 band members. Their music is a combination of Reggae and a Caribbean swing with a little touch of Rock. Their positive feel and catchy melodies will guarantee to put a big smile on your face!

Roots Palmera – Lino’s Song from Personheadface on Vimeo.

Aruba of course is a part of their tour. They will touch base on our beautiful island to wake us up with their Caribbean beats September 18th at Renaissance Marketplace. With their local DJ Alan Coutinho and the 8 guys of Roots Palmera promise to make your Sunday one of a kind that you wont forget anytime soon. Renaissance Marketplace will create an outdoor café feel filled with small tables that can be reserved by the visiting public while they enjoy the show.

roots-palmeraRoots Palmera is all about fun!! We enjoy making music and having a good time. Your energy gives us energy. So let’s dance!!!

Members: *Vox + console: Ivo Schwengle *Strings: Lino Tjon-En-Fa *Lows: Marc Cheung *Pots: Tarek Nava *Bones: Jean Carlos Croes *Batter: Alex Kamsteeg *Blower: Matti Pronker *Saxiness: Roque Tromp


Renaissance Marketplace presents to you Roots Palmera Caribbean tour, free concert this Sunday!

Sunday, September 18th at 7:30pm

Join us: September 18th, 2016 at Renaissance Market Place. FREE entrance,